Chapter 170

San Luis Obispo, CA

Chapter Events

Looking ahead, next month we will have Liz Ruth discussing her day job flying a 747 for NASA in conjunction with the SOPHIA project. Liz started flying as an Air Force pilot and later spent 16 years at the controls for United Air Lines. She has flown most of the 700 series Boeings, but this is her first job at the controls of a 747SP.

In March, we'll get a look at some aviation and political history as Col. Jim Schaffer discusses his involvement in the failed Iranian hostage rescue mission (Operation Eagle Claw) in the Spring of 1980. A number of things went wrong during the operation ending with Col. Schaffer, as the pilot of Bluebeard3 an RH53, colliding with an EC-130 while trying to maneuver completely blinded by a dust cloud at Eagle One. He was badly injured in the accident and later, after a long recovery, worked on the development of the V22 Osprey.

As an extra bonus, Col. Schaffer will be presenting a talk on his involvement with the V22 to the Santa Maria chapter on Feb. 16th at 2:00 pm in the Atlantis Room at the Radisson hotel. This is the hotel located at the Santa Maria airport. We have been invited to participate. 

 Other Events of Note

Jolie Lucas, Exiting the Hold: Securing Your Life Goals
They will be filming the presentation for a Kings School course. Feb 21st at 6 PM in ACI Jet Center at the SLO airport. The course is free but they want to fill seats for the filming. Jolie has secured several door prizes including a Zulu 3 Lightspeed headset. 



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